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Torturing Nurse:   Live in Tokyo 2012

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Welcome to Mind Flare Media

Mind Flare Media is an underground publishing company located in Charlottesville, VA. Started in 2009, it was originally a project to release experimental compilations. Work on an initial collection was never completed, so it moved from a 'collective' approach to a label, releasing albums by band like MAAAA and Torturing Nurse due to connections to the noise scene.

This led into plans to branch out into other genres instead of focusing on one general area. At first, the label was called simply 'Mind Flare'. 'Media' was added as a way to further define it as a publishing company with the intention of releasing films and printed matter in addition to music. Mind Flare Media officially came into being by 2010. After one year as a two-man business, it has since been run by one with a love for underground music and giving bands the opportunity to spread their sound in professional formats.

Thus far I have primarily released music in real CD format and digital download, and in the past year I started running special preorders. You'll find a link to the label's latest preorder on the left. Typically, preorders include the full album or digital version with a limited shirt designed specifically along with the exclusive artwork. They're only printed for a limited time, and then they're gone. I've also started research into entering printed materials, primarily books and graphic novels, but it will be some time before I decide on a printing factory, though I've recently been going through several book submissions.

Overall, the goal of Mind Flare Media is to become a respected force in the underground publishing industry, publishing unique music and materials from a variety of genres with the maximum benefit going to the artists. All contact information, including information on demo submissions, can be located on the contact page. Simply use the scroll bar to select the form of contact you want to utilize. Contact for business matters or problems ordering should be directed specifically to email.

Latest News

February  2013

Wife and I have been busy on the house, got some site programming done for you! New albums in the works!

January  2013

Started major programming for the new store. For now, have to deal with a simple design using Paypal buttons. Lots left to program.

August  2012

The new site is now online (duh)! Took me awhile, but should you care to learn, read all about my suffering. Click here to read more.

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